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Data and Security

Supporting and maintaining Macintosh computers is what we do.  And we are pretty “geekish” about it.  Regardless of how you use your Mac or what you do with it, we can help you.  There are different opinions about Apple’s highest certification – especially when one looks at sites on the web. No matter: We have them all.  It is important to us and it should be to you.  You want a certified pilot flying your plane!

Information is never more valuable to you than when you have a catastrophic system failure or breach.  Is your data backed up?  How often?  Are your backup files easily accessible and restored? What to do when your Mac crashes and you can’t access your files? Easy – call MACximize Consulting on 212-330-6789.

Monsters in the Closet?Monsters

Today threats come in many forms and we have battled most of them.  And we have won by resolving hardware, software and connectivity issues. For system outages, make MACximize Consulting the first call.  Can you afford to lose your data?  Your photos? Your music?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – schedule periodic system checkups and tunings.