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So, what’s new?

Greetings MACximize Fans! Just thought I’d give you a bit of a heads up with regard to some updates that came out from Apple the first week of February.

If you are on Lion, Apple has updated it to version 10.7.3. But as usual, I don’t suggest updating using the Apple Software Update. Rather, it is our procedure to do some routine maintenance prior to the upgrade, then we restart in a safe boot mode then finally upgrade using our Apple provided Combo upgrade rather than the delta upgrade.

Also, if you are still on 10.6, Apple threw you a curve ball. On the one hand, they provided a Security Update; on the other hand it broke the ability to print in Rosetta apps like Microsoft Office 2004 and Quicken 2007! We have the fixed update, so no worries.

If all this is foreign to you, let me just say, “That’s why we’re here!” It’s probably time for a little MACximize Maintenance. So give us a call and we’ll check out your software. And we’ll give you the updates that won’t break your computer.

Maybe it’s time to check your backup strategy. If you’re looking to compliment your local backup, why not check out Dolly Drive ( It’s cloud (& Clone) backup for the rest of us. We’ve partnered with Dolly because of their use of Time Machine’s “set it & forget it” auto-archiving and easy restoring options in the cloud. As long as you’re connected, you’re always backing up – at home, in the library, at the coffee shop, or Gate 11.

That’s what’s new so far this year. Remember to MACximize Your Mac™ by calling David @ 212.330.6789 or emailing ☺.

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