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Fixing problems is...

No problem for MACximize.


You waiting while your Mac or software spins? Forced shutdowns and applications quitting?  We recognize how mission critical your services are – so we are here to support your needs 23/7 – we have to sleep sometime!

MACximize Consulting is the premier NY provider of maintenance and repair services for Mac and Apple systems. Our process for maintaining and repairing your system covers multiple steps and layers. We start with the usual maintenance checklist covering the full spectrum of Hardware, Software, Connectivity, Data, and more.  We emphasize quality service and superior guidance when meeting your business and personal computer needs.  When we complete a specific  assignment, we follow up with recommendation for improving or stabilizing performance.

As EMC Dantz Solution Providers, we excel in setting up and running retrospect backup software, and highly recommend periodic backups – especially before undertaking maintenance and repairs initiatives.  Some of these may include:

– Maintenance and disc optimization
– Software updates, plug-ins and browser refresh
– Master troubleshooting
– MACximize Consulting thrives on unique and complex challenges
– Isolating hardware failures and software conflicts
– Software uninstalls, installs and cleanups
– Troubleshooting hardware

We highly recommend regular backups.  We can help you backup everything before we start – and if we do need to reset your Mac, we will put your data right back on the system where you can find it and work with it on a new build.

MACximize Consulting is here to help. At work, home and in-between. Call us on 212-330-6789 or email us at [email protected]