MACximize Consulting

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MACximize Consulting is focused on optimizing the performance of your Mac and MACximizing your productivity with our evaluation, maintenance and troubleshooting solutions together with customized training services including, but not limited to:

Nutrition Plans:
Each business relies on a very specific list of tools to reach its goals each and every day.  Just as a body may need to supplement its diet with specific nutrients and vitamins, we recommend applications and hardware to boost productivity. Our support services function as beneficial supplements – one of many wellness programs offered by the MACximize Consulting team.

Strength Training Programs:
Empower yourself and your team with the know-how to be solid. Remote or on-site training programs, customized with you and for you by our Apple-Certified consultants, give you the “strength” to MACximize the productivity of your software, hardware and accessories. Our services include custom setup and/or training for:

– Administration functions such as mail, calendar, contacts
– Creative Suites like iWeb, iMovie, iPhoto
– Communications platforms such as iPhone, iChat and VOIP
– Entertainment through iPod, iPhone, iTV

System Detox & Maintenance Plans:
MACximize your system by removing the causes of  sluggish performance and maintain your system appropriately. In detoxing your system, we look to backup your data, improve system performance, free up memory, and speed up connectivity. We look for issues that weigh down your system. By lightening the load and identifying conflicts and bottlenecks, we MACximize your system efficiency and get you back on the road to productivity.

Detoxing your system is part of ongoing maintenance to ensure that your computer delivers when you need it. Call to MACximize your potential!