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Preparing for COVID-19

We’ve all heard the warnings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”): Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) will come to the USA. The CDC has cautioned that office buildings and schools might be shut down in case of an outbreak. So from a tech standpoint, what can we do to prepare? Where does MACximize come in?

If your child has to be home from school, or you or your spouse have to work from home, now is the time to prepare your technology so that school assignments and office work can be successfully completed. A conversation with the school and work IT department is a good first step. Make sure that you know your login username and password. Does a connection require a VPN (virtual private network)? Does your home computer allow you to see your office email or your entire work desktop? Are your applications up-to-date and properly configured? Is your Internet working properly or are there ‘dead spots’ where the WiFi is slow? Maybe now is the time to get that new laptop or iPad.

A visit from MACximize to assess your needs and get your computer, iPhone, or iPad up to speed should be part of your plan. Remember, your office is not backing up your home computer. And you wouldn’t want to lose all your hard work. So we can help to make sure that you have several copies of those essential files backed up — locally and on the cloud!

So call us — 212.330.6789 — and we’ll take care of everything.

And please don’t keep us a secret — tell your friends! 😀

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