MACximize Consulting

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MACximizing Performance.

Mac by Mac.


We  are focused on MACximizing your equipment and software to help you optimize your experience.  Every time you do something on your computer, you leave a footprint. This data builds on your hard drive and can impact your system and software performance.  We offer:

  • Software set-up, training and support by certified Apple experts
  • Complete internet and email support from set-up to troubleshooting
  • Installation and MACximizing hardware and software for all Macintosh computers, including RAM and processor upgrades
  • Introduction, support and training for the latest Mac compatible software, games, entertainment and technologies
  • Mac hardware and software at cost
  • Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server set-up and maintenance

It is critical that you monitor and tweak your system and software regularly.  We recommend major reviews and fine tuning at least twice per year to ensure an optimized system. We strongly recommend backups and a combination of storage options.

Call 212-330-6789 or email [email protected] to schedule time.