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Dress for Success

Its in the setup!

Success is in the Setup

MACximize Consulting builds a strong Mac foundation for your business and home setup. From set-up services that include equipment recommendations, installation, networking and if necessary, training and transition from a PC to a Mac, to training for advanced users, we are committed to helping you build a reliable and secure platform for your business or home. We provide professional and secure on-site and remote Apple and MAC training and support in the US and Europe. We are conversant in both PC’s and Mac, and we enjoy helping clients get acclimated to a new system.

MACximize has a proven track record in delivering strategic projects including on-site system support, privacy safeguards, troubleshooting, network solutions and data recovery plans. At work and at home, MACximize Consulting sets you up for success with:

File and data backup Choosing Software /Hardware Connectivity
Data Privacy Firewall Set Up Games
iChat/VOIP Internet Access Mail Set Up
Music & Video Library Networking Photos
Printing Remote Access Safe Online Environment for Kids
Online Security Streaming TV Synching Multi-Media, Blackberry or iPhone Devices

Contact us on 212-330-6789 or at [email protected] to discuss how we can help set up your platform for success.