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MACximize Remote

To all of my “out of town” clients, I’d like to alert you to a service that I’ve been providing to more and more of my exclusive customers like yourself. I call it MACximize Remote.

One of the most valuable services that I provide is a routine checkup of your Mac — I ensure that you have the latest Apple and non–Apple software, clean up your unnecessary files, confirm that your backup is working (you are backing up, right?), and perform general software maintenance on your Mac. I have not seen you in a while because you are not in New York City. But wouldn’t it be great if from time to time I still perform these tasks?

Well, now I can do it remotely. All it requires is that you’re connected to a high-speed Internet connection. With a bit of setup I can remotely take over your computer — it’s like I’m sitting in the same room as you! And as you know, this service can extend the life of every Mac, and also speed up various functions of your laptop or desktop.

Interested? Just call me @ 212.330.6789 or email me: and we can set up this service. As with all MACximize Maintenance, this service has a 2 hr. minimum and we bill your credit card at time of service.

But don’t wait; your computer misses me!

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