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It's Downhill From There


We love the Mac! It is what we are about.  We have extensive experience and can help you no matter how you use the Mac, no matter the purpose, and no matter your knowledge level.  If you are a beginner or a master, an individual or a corporate Mac user, MACximize Consulting can help you.  Our dedicated and experienced professionals provide reliability, confidentiality and ROI for your digital assets.  We are trained to know your system from the inside out and from the outside in.  We are trained and knowledgeable about the software, the networking, the inner workings, the hardware, you name it – we have it.

Supporting you is what we do.  Yes  – you – the Macintosh user (and sometimes windows too).  This is especially true when it comes to training.  Regardless of your level of competence; whether you need advanced tricks or basic steps, with the newest of the new or oldest of the old, we have the Certified Pros to help you.

Trust MACximize Consulting to quickly identify, design and implement specific solutions to efficiently troubleshoot and repair, set up, maintain, and MACximize your Mac or Apple platform for peak performance. Call 212-330-6789 or email [email protected]