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Here’s what I know about *fill in the blank*

So you’ve been using your trusted Mac, iPhone and/or iPad, maybe even your AppleTV during this Great Pandemic of 2020 — and boy, is it essential! It’s your window to the world via the Internet; it’s your lifeline with your friends, family, and work via Zoom; and for some it is your way to escape via Netflix, Hulu, AppleTV+, Disney+ etc. (And if you’re a fan of Hamilton, Disney+ is releasing the hit stage musical on July 3rd on their streaming service. Huge!)

But, is your device just too slow for all the tasks that you’re now asking for it to perform? If so, the next logical question is, ‘Should I buy a new *fill in the blank* (i.e. Mac, iPad, etc.) today? Well, here’s what I know.

On June 22nd, Apple is having their annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) when they give a keynote address telling the world what is in store for the coming year — new software especially. At WWDC, they will tease some of the new features of the upcoming macOS 10.16 and iOS 10.14 for iMac, iPad, Watch, AppleTV, etc.

Apple may also release some new devices, like an updated iMac or a faster iPad on June 22nd, and prices of older models may be reduced. So if you can wait until after the 22nd to purchase that new *fill in the blank*, you will not kick yourself on June 23rd. And here’s a little secret… if you need a new *fill in the blank* and must purchase it now, today, immediately… Apple will let you return it — no questions asked — within 2 weeks. So even if they release a newer *fill in the blank*, you can return your purchase and buy the June 22nd model!

That’s what I know. And hey, if you’re not ready to buy that new *fill in the blank*, call MACximize @ 212.330.6789 because we can improve the performance of your device and keep it running for a few more years until you are ready to make that purchase.

So call us — 212.330.6789 or email at — and we’ll take care of everything. Your Mac will thank you! Stay safe, and please don’t keep us a secret — tell your friends! 😀