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Happy Halloween!


OK, I know I didn’t scare you. But you know what scares me? When your computer breaks and MACximize discovers that your backup was not working properly when we come in to restore your files. Doesn’t that give you the chills? (You are backing up, aren’t you?)

Or when Security Updates are released by Apple and other 3rd party companies, but you haven’t called us in to perform these updates on your system, and now you’re vulnerable to attacks. Yikes!

Among our usual tools, we’ve also got lots of spells & potions to keep your Mac running smoothly and efficiently. We can also check you for viruses and other malware that may be slowing down your system. Plus, with MACximize Remote, we can also service you over the Internet – very helpful when you’re traveling or just off the island of Manhattan. Please call MACximize so that we can help you – before it’s too late.

And whatever you do, if you eat too much candy, don’t forget to floss! (Oh, the horrors of cavities!) Happy Halloween ☺

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