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Guess What? You’re Protected!

For years, Windows users have been plagued by ransomware demanding several hundred dollars to unlock their computers. There have even been some high-profile attacks, as with the ransomware that shut down servers in an L.A. hospital last month. The hospital eventually paid a ransom equivalent to $17,000 in bitcoins to get its systems back up-and-running.

But if you have had MACximize come to your home or office in the last several months YOU’RE PROTECTED!

That’s right, the updates that we have provided to you on your Mac make it so that no one can install the infected application.

MACximize also suggests having several backups to ensure that in the event of catastrophic loss you can retrieve your lost files.

So if you have been putting off seeing MACximize, wait no longer! Give us a call @ 212.330.6789 and schedule an appointment. We can see you in person or REMOTELY. It does not matter where your are, as long as you are connected to the Internet, we can service your Macs, iPhones & iPads.

Finally, on March 21st, Apple is making some announcements. We believe a smaller iPhone will be announced — the size of the old iPhone 5S. Also rumored: new iPads. So if you’ve been waiting for these, give us a call. We’ll help you properly get all your information onto these new devices.

Thank you for using MACximize Consulting. Please don’t keep us a secret — tell your friends! 😀

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