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Get your Mac ready for fun & sun!


Are you ready for the summer? With Memorial Day right around the corner, our thoughts turn to sun and fun. Beach houses and summer camp. Finals and end of school. But is your Macintosh ready for the summer? Is it time for a little TLC?

Give MACximize a call so that we can ensure that your Macs and “iThings” are backed up, tuned up, and raring to go.

And if it’s time for a new Mac in your life or maybe a Graduate, MACximize can save you money! When we install it, Apple will give you a discount. It’s like getting our service for free!

So let’s speed up those computers by getting rid of excess files that you’re not using. We can’t have our Macs plumping up on junk files during bathing suit season, can we?

Just call us and your Mac will be ready for the summer in no time!

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