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Beware The Ides of March

‘Beware the Ides of March,’ the soothsayer urges Julius Caesar in Shakespeare’s Tragedy of Julius Caesar. Despite the forewarning, Caesar is stabbed in the back by his friend Marcus Brutus.

Security was an issue in Caesar’s time and it’s still true today. Security flaws, like ‘Meltdown’ and ‘Spectre,’ allow chip hackers to potentially gain access to sensitive information (like your passwords!)

We are constantly getting emails or calls that ‘alert’ us that our Mac has been hacked. Ne’er-do-wells pretend to be Apple or Microsoft offering to fix your Mac, but actually just charge money for nothing. Or worse — they install ransomware or malware, or break into your bank account and steal thousands.

So what should you do to protect yourself?

Don’t trust anyone whom you don’t know personally who calls or emails you about this!

Since this requires a malicious app on your device, Apple recommends downloading software only from trusted sources like the App Store.
Call MACximize to check your Mac, iPhone, iPad & Apple TV, and update your software. If you have older systems, don’t wait, it’s time to update!
Make sure you have several WORKING backups — at least one on-site and one off-site. (Who ever complained they had too many backups?)

Good security is tricky; ask Caesar. Routinely schedule MACximize — we will help you keep on top of this and help to prevent the modern Brutus who stabs you in the back with malware or ransomware.

Remember, a little MACximize Maintenance could be the difference between security and a huge loss. For more information, call MACximize @ 212.330.6789.

And please don’t keep us a secret — tell your friends! 😀