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Apple “Give(s) a sister a break” and changes no-cash policy.

In order to ensure that everyone who wants an iPad can get an iPad, Apple had a no-cash policy when it came to purchasing an iPad. Well that has changed thanks to Diane Campbell. After KGO-TV San Francisco featured Campbell’s story, Apple responded. Ron Johnson, Apple’s senior vice president of retail, spoke with the newscast to reveal that Apple would no longer continue its credit-only policy. See below. And Diane, for her troubles, got a free iPad from Apple. Way to go, Steve!

One Response to “Apple “Give(s) a sister a break” and changes no-cash policy.”

  1. gary says:

    Who doesn’t believe in cash green. Wow – I wonder how many more iPads would have been sold? At least Apple reversed its policy and a nice touch to give Dianne a freebie.

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