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🎉🎈Happy 🍾 New 🌟 Year 2020!🍸🎉

We’ve made it to the 3rd Decade of the 3rd Millennium. The Roaring Twenties! And this time of year always make me revisit my annual Mac New Year’s Resolutions. And these are the resolutions I actually keep! Here are my top 3.

1. Always make sure my operating system (OS) is up-to-date. If you’ve been reading my blasts, you understand that the best offense against bad things happening to your Mac is a current OS. macOS 10.15 Catalina is the latest version, and if your Mac supports it, now is the time to call and we’ll ensure that your update gets done properly.

2. Test my backup. And test my 2nd backup, too! I’m very cautious when it comes to my files — especially my pictures & videos. If I lose those, well, there go my precious memories. But if disaster strikes, I’m covered: I have a Time Machine backup, a 2nd backup to another external hard drive and a 3rd backup to the Cloud. If you read this and say, ‘I need this!’ it’s time to call MACximize.

3. Time for routine maintenance. The New Year makes me take stock of the stuff that’s on my Mac, since a Mac with less clutter is a faster, more efficient, happy Mac. Do I have programs that I no longer use? Are the applications out of date? Is my Malwarebytes current? And so on… When MACximize schedules a visit, we delete the clutter and optimize your hard drive for the fastest possible experience. Our clients say that their Mac lasts 3-6 year on average longer than their friends’ Mac!

If you’d like to start 2020 off with these three Mac New Year’s resolutions completed, give MACximize a call. We will schedule a visit and get the new decade off to a great start.

So call us — 212.330.6789 — and we’ll take care of everything. Your Mac will thank you!

And please don’t keep us a secret — tell your friends! 😀

If you know any Mac users who would benefit from the services you’ve grown to love, please have them call us at 212.330.6789. Besides the warm, fuzzy feeling you’ll get, there’s a $100 credit in it for you.

(Here’s the fine print. The $100 will be credited to your next MACximize visit of 2+ hours after your referral has their first visit of 2+ hours. All credits must be used by September 30, 2020.)


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We have to sleep some time! We will make that 24/7 if it means keeping your systems up and running efficeintly.

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We have to sleep some time! We will make that 24/7 if it means keeping your systems up and running efficeintly.