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iOS 4.2.1 is now available from Apple via iTunes 10.1

If you’ve got an iPad, this is a must have update! But it’s also great for iPhones & iPod Touches.* (*most)

iOS 4.2 brings over 100 new features from iOS 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 to iPad including Multitasking, Folders, Unified Inbox, Game Center, AirPlay® and AirPrint.

With Multitasking, “iPad users can now run their favorite apps and switch between them instantly.” Finally I can play my Pandora music in the car while searching for directions in Google Maps.

With the Unified Inbox, Mail now has fast inbox switching and a threaded message view.

AirPlay is a new feature for streaming music, video and photos wirelessly from iPad, iPhone and iPod touch to Apple TV or stream wirelessly to any stereo or powered speakers, or directly to AirPlay-enabled speakers coming to market in the months ahead. I’ve set this up, and it’s wonderful. I just press play on my iPhone, and sound comes out of my speakers. Love it!

The Find My iPhone (or iPad or iPod touch) feature is now free to use without a MobileMe℠ subscription and helps you locate your missing device.* The Find My iPhone app is a free download on the App Store℠ and lets users easily locate a missing device on a map and have it display a message or play a sound. Users can even remotely lock or wipe data from a lost device to protect privacy.

Of course, there’s more, but give MACximize a call and we’ll make all this “magic” just work!

There’s an App for That!

So, how do you know you’ve made it? Is it that your stock price closes above $315 per share? Is it being named one of the most powerful persons in the world according to Forbes Magazine? Nah, it’s having Sesame Street doing a song parody of one of your slogans!

Now if I can just get Elmo to have his MacBook fixed by MACximize!


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We have to sleep some time! We will make that 24/7 if it means keeping your systems up and running efficeintly.

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We have to sleep some time! We will make that 24/7 if it means keeping your systems up and running efficeintly.