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WannaCry Ransomware – What To Do?

Date: May 15, 2017 Comments: 0

You may have heard about the virus WannaCry Ransomware which locks up the files on your computer and encrypts them in a way that you cannot access them anymore. And worst of all, there is NO FIX. Security experts warn that it exploits vulnerabilities in older Windows operating systems, including Windows XP, so many of you have nothing to worry about.

But what should you do? Prevention is the best defense. MACximize is ready to help you update your software with the latest security patches. We can also configure an automatic backup like Time Machine; this is essential. As always, remain extremely careful about opening any email attachments, from known or unknown sources. And call MACximize immediately if you suspect an infection or ransomware is detected.

Remember, a little MACximize Maintenance could be the difference between security and losing your data on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad or worse – ransomware or identity theft!

And please don’t keep us a secret — tell your friends! 😀

From the NYTimes: With Claims of C.I.A. Hacking, How to Protect Your Devices

Date: March 9, 2017 Comments: 0

With this week’s revelation that our devices may be insecure, I would like to recommend reading this NYTimes article. NYT: How to Protect Your Devices

Here are some highlights:

For iPhone and iPad users: Make sure to be running the latest operating system, iOS 10. Apple said on Tuesday that many of the security issues described in the WikiLeaks documents had already been patched in the latest version of its software and that it was working to address remaining vulnerabilities.

Not all Apple devices can get the latest operating system. Apple’s iOS 10 is compatible with iPhones as far back as the iPhone 5 released in 2012, and with iPads as old as the iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 released in 2013. If you are using anything older than those, it’s a good time to buy a new device for the stronger security.

For Routers: It is wise for everyone to regularly check routers for so-called firmware updates to make sure they get the latest security enhancements. Have MACximize download and install the latest firmware.

For Apple computers: Have MACximize install the latest operating system updates … And as always, stay on guard for suspicious websites that may be serving malware.

And as always, please call MACximize to help you protect and MACximize Your Macs!

Are you affected by the Yahoo breach?

Date: September 22, 2016 Comments: 0

Check out this video if you are affected by the Yahoo breach. Also, check out these New York Times tips.

NYT Tips

What is your iPhone telling your rental car?

Date: August 30, 2016 Comments: 0

rental car logos

What happens when you rent a connected car? Did you know that cars with these features might keep your personal information, long after you’ve returned your rental car? Here are some things to keep in mind when renting a connected car.

Hacked email. What to do?

Date: August 12, 2016 Comments: 0

Hacked Email
Ever wonder if you’re taking the right steps to keep your devices and information secure? Click the below link for some security tips.

What to do if your email’s been hacked?

Online Security Tips

Date: July 29, 2016 Comments: 0

Happy Summer 2016!

This quick video highlights some online security tips to help make your online experience safe & secure.


Click here => Online Security Tips Video

Protection from Scams

Date: April 7, 2016 Comments: 0

My clients know that I’m a friendly guy! But not all computer “consultants” are friendly. As a matter of fact, some people pose as one of us but are actually scam experts trying to steal your personal information and hard-earned money. They may email you, or a message may pop up on your screen telling you that you have a virus or a security issue and you should call the provided phone number.

Once they have you on the phone, they try to gain your trust by pretending to be associated with well-known companies or confusing you with a barrage of technical terms. They may ask you to perform a series of complex tasks on your computer. Sometimes, they target legitimate computer files and claim that they are viruses. Their tactics are designed to scare you into believing they can help fix your “problem.”

If this happens to you, STOP! One of the many benefits of using MACximize is we are available “23/7” to fix your issue. So call us at 212-330-6789 before it’s too late.

Here are few things to remember if you get any kind of tech-support call, no matter who they say they are:
• Don’t give control of your computer to anyone who calls you offering to “fix” your computer.
• Never give out or confirm your financial or sensitive information to anyone who contacts you.
• Getting pressure to act immediately? That’s a sure sign of a scam. Hang up.

And know that we at MACximize are here to assist you with all that ails your Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Your Mac will say thank you!

And please don’t keep us a secret — tell your friends! 😀

For more info, check out:

Spring into a new iPhone or iPad

Date: March 24, 2016 Comments: 0

As predicted, Apple released the newest iPhone today. iPhone SE has a smaller 4” display, but with the features of an iPhone 6, starting at only $399. It’s their most powerful 4-inch phone ever! Also announced, a 9.7” inch iPad Pro — the same screen size as the original iPad. But this iPad is packed with all the pro features that the iPad Pro 12” has: Apple Pencil and Apple Smart Keyboard support, four-speaker “pro” audio system that adjusts sound depending on viewing orientation, and more. And for you power users, you can now get an iPad with 256GB of storage. Nice!

MACximize is excited about Apple iOS 9.3 released today for all iPhones and iPads. One of the more interesting features of iOS 9.3 is called Night Shift, which changes the color temperature of the display based on the time and location of your device for reduced eye strain. Exposure to bright blue light in the evening can make it harder to sleep, so you can schedule Night Shift to turn on in the evenings.

Also, Apple released 10.11.4 for Macs which includes improvements such as: in Notes – the ability to passcode-protect notes containing personal data, as well as enhancements to Live Photos & iBooks, and more.

There are more new features than can be mentioned in this blast. But now is a great time to call MACximize. Wait no longer; call 212.330.6789 and schedule an appointment. We can see you in person or REMOTELY. Wherever you are, as long as you are connected to the Internet, we can service your Macs, iPhones & iPads.

As always, thank you for using MACximize Consulting. Please don’t keep us a secret — tell your friends! 😀

Guess What? You’re Protected!

Date: March 11, 2016 Comments: 0

For years, Windows users have been plagued by ransomware demanding several hundred dollars to unlock their computers. There have even been some high-profile attacks, as with the ransomware that shut down servers in an L.A. hospital last month. The hospital eventually paid a ransom equivalent to $17,000 in bitcoins to get its systems back up-and-running.

But if you have had MACximize come to your home or office in the last several months YOU’RE PROTECTED!

That’s right, the updates that we have provided to you on your Mac make it so that no one can install the infected application.

MACximize also suggests having several backups to ensure that in the event of catastrophic loss you can retrieve your lost files.

So if you have been putting off seeing MACximize, wait no longer! Give us a call @ 212.330.6789 and schedule an appointment. We can see you in person or REMOTELY. It does not matter where your are, as long as you are connected to the Internet, we can service your Macs, iPhones & iPads.

Finally, on March 21st, Apple is making some announcements. We believe a smaller iPhone will be announced — the size of the old iPhone 5S. Also rumored: new iPads. So if you’ve been waiting for these, give us a call. We’ll help you properly get all your information onto these new devices.

Thank you for using MACximize Consulting. Please don’t keep us a secret — tell your friends! 😀

🎉🎈Happy 🍾 New 🌟 Year — Sweet 16!🍸🎉

Date: January 20, 2016 Comments: 0

Believe it or not, we’re on the backside of the decade. That’s right, we’re closer to 2020 than 2010. Time flies! And that means if you have an old Mac or i-Device, it’s now 1-year older. So maybe 2016 means a new Apple product is right around the corner for you. But which one? A new iMac, a MacBook Air, an iPad or an iPhone? MACximize is here to help you decide. And if you’re looking to sell your old gear, I can forward you an email to get $10 more for your first-time sale to Gazelle.

Have you been putting off updating to iOS 9.2 or Mac OS 10.11 El Capitan? Industry experts recommend keeping up with updates to keep your devices secure. David Pogue, my favorite tech guru, says there’s zero reason not to upgrade to El Capitan. ‘Everything runs just as it did before. I couldn’t find a single app that didn’t run perfectly after the installation.’

So call MACximize — a little MACximize Maintenance could help all that ails your Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Your Mac will thank you!

Wishing you a happy and healthy Sweet 16.

Please don’t keep us a secret — tell your friends! 😀